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May 7, 2015
by Hargatehall

Welcome to Hargate Hall’s blog

Welcome to our blog about Hargate Hall!

Hargate Hall offers self-catering accommodation in 12 apartments sleeping up to 77 people in total. Hargate Hall makes a fantastic base for holidays, as we are located centrally in the heart of the Peak District National Park. We are also very popular for Weddings and for parties. In fact, most of our weekends get booked up many months in advance for weddings and parties. Don’t worry though,  there are always a few quieter weekends over the winter months.

Our main website gives lots of details about Hargate Hall, the self-catering accommodation, and what we offer. The purpose of this blog is to be able to give you a bit more detail about the challenges we have faced, and what we have been doing at Hargate Hall. We also like to do some write ups to give examples of what people have done when they have been here. We are very happy for you to post and comment on here. It is always nice to get some feedback.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles we have written.

You can also keep up to date with us on  Facebook and Twitter .

June 9, 2019
by Hargatehall


A bit of research

One of the challenges we have had here is water pressure for the upstairs showers. I have replaced the header tanks, increased pipe size and removed clogged gate valves. All this has helped, but only marginally. Guests still often tell me that the upstairs showers are a bit too week.

So I have been looking for some form of booster pump that is easy to fit, and gives just enough of a boost to give a good shower, with risking running the water tanks dry!

In my search I came across a shower booster that had been shown on Dragons Den. I discovered that not only was it made in the UK, but it is made in Buxton just 3 miles up the road! So I promptly bought a set got and got on with fitting them.

Getting started

I picked the shower in Tissington apartment to try them out as it was quite easy for access. It has a newly fitted shower which doesn’t manage much more than a trickle, so would be nice to get it working better.

The first thing I did was get a large bucket, put it under the shower and turn it on for 1 minute. I then measured the depth of water. This gave me a benchmark.

Then the hardest bit of the job – find all my tools!! An hour later… mark and cut a hole in the plasterboard of the stud wall behind the shower to reveal the 2 pipes. Following the instructions (yes I actually read them) I cut the required length of pipe out.

Installing the Pumps

Fitting the 2 pumps is very simple. Put them in place, tighten the compression joints.

There are several ways to wire them up, I chose using the 4 way cable. This means that as soon as one comes on, so does the other. This makes it a bit like the more usual dual impeller shower pump.

Next, turn the water on and check for leaks. Then ran the shower to remove any air.

The pumps run off 12v via a transformer so initially I just plugged it in on an extension lead to check everything worked. After I switched the power on a little blue LED lit up to show that they are ready for action.


So now the moment of truth. Back into the bathroom and turn the shower on. Hey presto a much stronger looking shower. I went back to my initial test and ran the shower for 1 minute into the bucket. Measuring measuring it this time showed more than double the water depth than before. So it definitely works. Result! I can now connect the pumps to a conveniently placed unused fused spur.

Now I just need to clean up and replace the cut out plasterboard with a piece of wood, so that it can be an easily removable access panel. Not that I expect to need to get at them for a long time. I need to buy and fit 4 more!

June 7, 2019
by Hargatehall

Key Features to Plan Your Wedding

wedding group shot

Wedding Checklist

When it comes to wedding planning there is simply no right or wrong way to do this, after all it is your big day. However, there are simple and effective ways to create that fairy tale wedding and reduce those stress levels, helping you feel more like an organised bride.

Planning your Big Day

Organising your big day is incredibly exciting, but it may seem a little overwhelming too. As you pop the champagne and adore the sparkly rock on your finger, family and friends will soon start demanding details; ‘When’s the date?’, ‘Where’s the venue?’, ‘How will you arrive to the Church?’. The question of money soon arises, and your mind becomes jam packed with thoughts of colour schemes and dress ideas.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Below you will find our simple step guide for planning an easy, breezy wedding.

Set Your Budget

First and foremost, it is important to discuss a budget for your big day. Talk about how much you can both afford and how much you will be able to save over the coming months. If you think your parents may be able to help then speak to them in the early planning stages, then you will know exactly what you can and can’t afford.

Not planning a wedding budget can lead to financial stress and disappointment further down the line.

The Perfect Wedding Venue

It’s time to lock in that date, now you have your budget sorted it’s important to put a deposit down on your dream venue. Your wedding venue determines your wedding date, location and maximum guest numbers, so it’s important that venue hunting is at the top of your list!

When it comes to your venue, it is also important to think about other important factors such as, does your venue need to have accommodation for those family members travelling from afar? Do you want to use your own caterers? These factors play a much larger role than you think in determining which wedding venue you choose.

Mini-Moon vs Honeymoon

Newlywed couples are certainly considering this popular choice! Usual planning a mini-moon instead of, or as a prelude to a customary honeymoon trip. If you’re not clued up on what a mini-moon is, it’s simply a shortened getaway that’s about 3-4 days. In a location that is a quick flight away or even drivable. Some couples visit log cabins or camp out under the stars, where as others jet off to far away destinations such as Dubai.

Mini-moons mostly come about if a couple desires to get away immediately after their big celebrations, but for a shorter or less expensive getaway — vs. a lengthier and more costly honeymoon.

Choose Your Bridal Party

You may already instantly know who your maid of honour, bridesmaids, ushers, best man, flower girls and page boys will be, or your might need a little bit of time to think about it. If you aren’t sure don’t feel rushed or pressured, it is your decision and you need to think carefully about who the best people will be to support you on this special day. You may also want to take into consideration the cost as your bridal party will need outfits, bouquets and thank you gifts – the more people you have, the more this could impact your budget.

Create Your Guest List

In honesty your guest list is something you’ve already planned a thousand times over, you already know the key people you want to invite. However, you might need to take some time to decide who is invited to the day versus the night and the even trickier guest problems such as work colleagues and plus ones.

After already booking your wedding you will already have a rough idea of how much budget you are now able to spend on catering and your guest list may help determine how much you want to spend by head.

Book Photography & Video

Booking a photographer & Videographer is another priority when wedding planning. With experienced suppliers in high demand it’s important to book both photo & video coverage at least 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment. If you already have a dream suppliers in mind then you should consider booking them as soon as you’ve set a date. If you’re not set on a supplier, then make sure you look around and most importantly check out their portfolios to ensure their style is exactly what you’re looking for. Photography & Videography is not something that should be chosen solely based on price, as it’s one of the only wedding purchases that last for ever.

Pick The Dress

Choosing your wedding dress will be one of the most exciting and emotional parts of your wedding planning. Many designer wedding gowns can take up to six months to make so give yourself plenty of time to find the dress of yours dreams.

Once your gown is chosen, you can begin to think about your bridesmaids dresses which should complement your wedding dress and grooms wear that will suit the style of your big day.

Choose Your Transport

You spend hours finding the perfect dress, the fitted suit and your wedding theme to complement your big day, so why not spend time on finding that bespoke vehicle. Your wedding day should radiate the same style throughout; after all no one wants to turn up in an old rickety family car. You should be rolling up to your venue in something that exudes style and class; this will enhance the overall look of your big day giving the bride a car to be proud to step out of.

Although it is important to choose a car which fits perfectly in theme with your wedding day, you may also wish to consider a limousine for your bridal party to travel to the ceremony and reception venue? Hiring a chauffeur driven limousine can have many benefits and will get your bridal party to each destination on time and in style. After all, everyone loves to feel that extra bit special.

Even with these few tips, wedding planning can still seem overwhelming but don’t worry! You can buy an organiser which will not only give you a helping hand but make the whole planning process much more enjoyable.

December 5, 2017
by Hargatehall

Tiffany and Simon’s DIY Wedding

Tiffany and Simon’s DIY Wedding

We first visited Hargate Hall two weeks after getting engaged and straight away fell in love with it. We already loved the idea of a DIY wedding at a place where all our guests could stay, but after meeting Anthony we knew that Hargate was exactly the right venue for us. The location, beautiful house and grounds, and helpful hosts made it an easy decision!
The whole process was so simple and easy, and throughout it all Anthony & Julie were on hand to answer all questions whenever we needed. The community of Hargate couples past, present and future is so wonderful. Through access to the Facebook group it was great to see what other people have done previously. It helped work out some of those practical details that you can only understand if you’ve been through it yourself.

wedding sign

Hargate Hall is such a wonderfully unique DIY wedding venue. Being able to have our friends and family together for a weekend was such a joy. Everyone who attended our wedding commented on what a fantastic idea it was and we all felt right at home straight away. Everything was provided for in the apartments. The freedom to do our own thing meant that our Wedding Day was everything we could’ve asked for and more, suiting our personalities and relationship perfectly.

all ready for the wedding


Setting up a DIY wedding

Getting set up on the Friday before our wedding was so simple, and Tabby from Mode For… Events – one of the recommended caterers/organisers – helped us immensely with her expertise and knowledge of the venue. Filling the empty hall with our decorations and personal touches made the wedding really feel like a communal event. As guests arrived, they helped to unpack boxes and supermarket deliveries. Everyone mucking in meant that by the time the ceremony came around on the Saturday they’d all made friend. People from different circles connected beforehand which eliminated that typical wedding awkwardness. We even fitted in some Yoga in the morning!yoga at hargate

realaxing after the wedding breakfast

We chose to have the whole event in the main hall rather than using the marquee. On a cold November day it was such a good decision to keep things cosy in one place. Walking down those stairs (to Jurassic Park!) Tiffany was overwhelmed to see everyone’s smiling facings from below, and our dinner of pie & mash carried on the rustic pub feel we were going for.
We were lucky to have a relatively clear day so we could make the most of the gorgeous grounds for our photos. Our photographer Ben Pollard also set up an atmospheric shot that evening with the rain illuminating the house.first dance at hargate

Throughout our engagement and planning, we never once doubted our choice of Hargate Hall. We knew that whatever we wanted to do (just about!) was totally okay and we could really make the day our own. It resulted in a day we’ll never forget, and that our guests will hopefully remember forever too!

wedding interviews