Further Maintenance


As you will have seen from the previous posts, we have been doing some major work on the windows around the hall. Now 90% of the windows have been repaired and repainted on the outside. Over the next few months we will be tackling the outside. This will also include replacing the sash cords to enable them to open more easily (and stay open). We have also had all the main lead valleys and gullies on the roof replaced. Much of the lead looks to have been original with lots of repairs and patches done over the year. The harsh winters we have had over the last few years had proven too much for them to cope with.


The Main valley stripped back
The Main valley stripped back
Rebuilt and ready for rain!
Rebuilt and ready for rain!

While the scaffolding has been up we have also been able to repair any leaks in the guttering.

We have also had all the holes and collapses in the dry stone wall on the south side of the building rebuilt so the approach to the Hall looks much smarter. The wall on the North side will be next years project! We have also added directional signs at either end of the property. For some reason most SatNav systems  try to take people round the back of us to our neighbours properties!

Dry stone wall after repairs

Inside Eyam’s living room has had a major overhaul. All the insulation in the roof has been replaced, and the ceiling re-boarded, plastered and painted.

2013-08-05 09.44.02 2013-08-07 13.19.17 nearly finished 2013-09-29 16.15.21

I am still working on the fireplace which is being enlarged to its original size. The disused mezzanine has been mostly removed and what is left is being used a a feature with some additional lighting set into it. Even with some finishing off needed, it is a much brighter and smarter looking room than it was.

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